Heavy Metal Plate Industrial Type CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Heavy Metal Plate Industrial Type CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

The Stainless Steel Cutting Machine is mainly used for cutting cast iron, cast steel, structural steel and so on.
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Product Description 

This kind of Stainless Steel Cutting Machine has a dust collector to sweep debris accumulated on the surface of the guide rails at any time. Horizontal guide wheels are installed at both ends to adjust the degree of compression of the eccentric wheel on the bottom of the drive frame to ensure a stable guiding of the whole machine during the movement. 

In addition, the Stainless Steel Cutting Machine has the advantages of high production efficiency, high speed, high accuracy, low noise, environmental protection, exquisite appearance as well as long service life. There is no deformation or burr on the machined surface, it is especially suitable for occasions with high welding quality and efficiency requirements. The Stainless Steel Cutting Machine is mainly used for cutting cast iron, cast steel, structural steel and so on.

 plasma cutter 1325

Plasma cutter parameter

Working Size1300*2500mm
Working materialsteel, aluminum, stainless steel
Working material thickness0.5-30mm
plasma powerHua yuan, Hyperthern, Cutmaster
Input current63A, 100A, 200A, etc
Plasma cutting accuracy0.05mm
Cutting speed0-8m/min
Input voltage380V, 50HZ 
TransmissionRack and Pinion
Driver motorStepper motor
File transmissionUSB
Cooling methodWith water pump and tank provide circulating water
Rail guideTaiwan Hiwin square rail




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