Digital Large Format UV Flatbed Printer with Epson Dx5 Head LED Lamp Printer

Digital Large Format UV Flatbed Printer with Epson Dx5 Head LED Lamp Printer

Large Format Flatbed UV Printers 1. Seiko 1020 head for industrial production up to 15 sqm/hr
2. Printing area: 1300mmx1300mm
3. C M Y K W and varnish optional for glossy surface and high quality priting.
4. Double LED UV lamps with water cooling.
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Product Details

Compared with similar products in the market, our Mini CNC Plasma Cutter, CNC Plasma Cutting Machine, laser welding machine for mould repair is of better quality and lower price. To meet customer needs and achieve win-win situation with our customers has been the goal of our efforts. We look forward to your visit and establishing trustworthy and long-term standing relationship. We hope to build a team cohesion that integrates everyone, gather the strengths and ability of the employees to keep moving forward.

Product Description

These Large Format Flatbed UV Printers adopt the latest technology focused reflector to concentrate the reflected UV light energy with high light curing efficiency, which is conducive to curing thicker ink layers of ink. In addition, our products are capable of curing deep layers of ink without deformation of the printed material. We use the best mirrored aluminum oxide plate with better reflectivity of UV cold light source to improve the utilization of UV light. Compared with small manufacturers, our large format flatbed UV printers are equipped with high performance imported transformers, which have a longer service life than ordinary transformers.



Our Large Format Flatbed UV Printers have two kinds of varnish available, printing out a glossy surface with very high quality. It has high printing quality with a resolution of usually 1440x720dpi and excellent color photo printing. In addition, our machine requires no plate making, no lamination, fast printing speed and low cost. It is highly automated, changing color or image directly by computer with software. It can meet the requirements of getting samples or products quickly within minutes and can be printed in a single piece or with stencil for mass production.

Product Model


Printhead Technology

Drop-on demand piezo eletric

Printhead Control

Printhead voltage is software adjustable

Printhead Type

SEIKO SPT1020-12pl/35pl

Printhead Number


Ink Characteristics

UV Curing Ink

Ink Reservoirs

Refillable on the fly while printing/1000ml per color


UV LED lamp

Color Control

ICC based color, curves and density adjustment

Printhead Arrangement

C M Y K LC LM W optional

Cleaning System

Positive Pressure Cleaning

Guide Rail

Taiwan HIWIN

Working Table

6-section Vacuum Sucking table

Printing Size


Print Interface


Media Thickness

0-100mm, higher can be customized

Printing Speed


Life of Printed Image

3 years (outdoor),10years (indoor)

File Format

TIFF, JPEG, Postscript, EPS, PDF etc.

RIP Software

UltraPrint/ Photoprint/ Onyx

Power Supply

220V 50/ 60Hz (10%)


13 months exclude the consumables

The Digital Large Format UV Flatbed Printer with Epson Dx5 Head LED Lamp Printer we produced have the characteristics of stable performance, high precision, and low processing loss. It is a pleasure to have friends from afar. We welcome colleagues from all over the world to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation with us. We are devoting ourselves wholeheartedly to offer customers the best service.


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