140m/Min Customized Gravure Printing Machine (Asy-G)

140m/Min Customized Gravure Printing Machine (Asy-G)

Product Name: Customized Printing Machine
① It can directly print on the all surface and software materials except clothes
② 6 colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, White, White) with best color performance
③ Low printing cost, less procedures of production.
④ Inks drying by UV LED lamp. Which is faster and high quality.
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Product Details

With a positive and progressive attitude to customer's curiosity, our organization repeatedly improves our products top quality to meet the wants of consumers and further focuses on safety, reliability, environmental necessities, and innovation of Wide Format UV Flatbed Printer, Desktop CNC Router, portable cnc gas cutting machine. We consider ourselves to be the most pioneering company in the industry. With our unique core technology, the advantage of whole industry chain integration, and continuous innovation and creativity, we take up the responsibility of moving the industry to a higher level. The internal structure of our company is rigorous, relatively independent, and we have systems that transmit energy, material and information to each other.

Technical Features:

① It can directly print on the all surface and software materials except clothes
② 6 colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, White, White) with best color performance
③ Low printing cost, less procedures of production.
④ Inks drying by UV LED lamp. Which is faster and high quality.
⑤ Simple to operate this machine. Just normal workers can operate it after brief training.
⑥ Rigid industrial design ensures quality output with physical resolution 5760*2880dpi.
⑦ Small size machine, can achieve operation with any angle and save the working room.

Product Description:

With a solid dedicated flat panel configuration, combined with the latest inkjet technology and engineering development, our Customized Printing Machine can provide excellent, consistent printing quality and reliable performance. 

Compared with traditional printing, the operation of these UV flatbed printing machines is very simple, without a series of complicated processes, such as color separation, which greatly shortens the production cycle and greatly reduces the technical requirements of the operators. Because of this, our Customized Printing Machine can produce small-volume printing, realizing small batches, multiple varieties, and quick response to the required production, while traditional printing must be large-scale printing. In addition, this type of printing machine has unparalleled advantages in color control. It can print a variety of colors without deviations. No matter how high your color requirements are, it will meet your requirements. 

Our Customized Printing Machine prints directly to many different materials in a perfect way, enabling it to create high value and creative works. It achieves customized printing on souvenir/badge, furniture/building materials, gift/crafts, textile/garment, advertising industry, etc. Due to its low operation cost, it is the best choice to start a new business or customized print jobs.


UV Flatbed printer Applications:

UV Printer is a high-tech film-free full color digital printing machine. It is suitable for printing on any materials, such as T-shirts, sliding doors, cabinet doors, wooden doors, glass, plates, signs, crystal, PVC, acrylic , metal, plastic, stone, leather and other surface color photo-level printing. No need to plate once the printing is completed, and achieves rich colors.



1. Can this printer print on mug?

Yes, cylinder, conical, and cup with handle are all available.

2. Shipping cost?
Depends on your shipping address.

3. What’s RIP installation interface supported language?
Korean, German, French, Finnish, Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (traditional)

4. Software supported format?

5. Need coating/ primer/ pretreatment solution before printing?
Only some material: Metal, glass.


A2- UV Inkjet UV Flatbed Printer

Printing size

420 MM x 900MM

Print heads

One pcs of DX5 or one pcs of TX800

Ex-works price for TX800


Ex-works price for DX5


Max resolution

720 x1440dpi

Ink type

UV LED curing ink

Inkjet engine for TX800


Inkjet engine for TX800


Printing interface

USB 3.0

Print Media

Glass, plastic, organic board, PVC, leather, rubber, special paper, metal, wood, porcelain, film, etc.

Auto adjustment function

Nozzle automatic detection; print head automatic aligning.

Normal working environment

10 °C - 35 °C; Humidity 20-80RH


≈750W / 110V/220V 50-60HZ

Operation system

Windows 95 /98 /NT /2000 / XP / Win7 etc.

Ink system

250ml x 6

Net Weight/Gross Weight



1103mm x 766mm x 425mm

Package size

1220 mm x 900 mm x 600 mm

The spare parts of uv flatbed printer with printheads epson DX5 or Tx800


We continue to use advanced technology and technology at home and abroad, so that our 140m/Min Customized Gravure Printing Machine (Asy-G) is constantly updated, scaled up in production, and high in quality. We build mutually beneficial relationship with our clients by giving them large selection of premium car parts at marked down prices. We insist on taking the customer as the center and taking the quality as the cornerstone to bring considerable economic benefits and social value to customers.


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