UV Printer Industry Technology

- Jan 19, 2019-

1. UV printer update technology:

The UV printer's full-color image is completed at one time, the gradient color fully achieves the photo effect, the positioning is accurate, and the scrap rate is zero, saving a lot of manpower and material resources.

UV printers enable true, non-printing, with the same cost per sheet and batch processing, so you can cost-effectively complete short and medium jobs to help you increase your business opportunities and profits. It supplements the shortcomings of the traditional screen printing process, not only for small print jobs, but also for proofing or simulating images. Customers can choose the most suitable technology from a variety of processes. The design and production process are simple and can even be operated by a single person to meet the customer's desirable delivery requirements.

2. UV printers are more precise:

The device adopts Epson's brand new original micro-piezo nozzle, which is a patented technology developed by Seiko Epson. It places many tiny piezoelectric ceramics near the nozzle of the print head. The piezoelectric ceramic has the characteristics of stretching or contraction deformation under the voltage change at both ends. When the image information voltage is applied to the piezoelectric ceramic, the stretching vibration of the piezoelectric ceramic It will change with the change of the image information voltage, and the ink in the nozzle can effectively control the size and the adjustment mode of the ink droplets under the steady state of normal temperature and normal pressure, and uniformly and accurately eject the ink, thereby obtaining high precision and resolution. The rate of image color printouts while reducing ink consumption.

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