South-Africa Customer Bought1325 Woodworking Cnc Machinery With Automatic Tool Change

- Dec 20, 2018-

Today we would like to share with story about Mr deon from south africa...we received his inquiry for Auotmatic tool change woodworking cnc router 1325 in middle of January 2018 from made in china...and than we answered his question and price.

We sent him some teaching video and show how it works and we advice how choose cnc bits.

He immediately transfer us deposite&we started our cooperation this way.

Now he has been using our machine 6 months..machine works very fast and stable at quiet condition.he is going to buy us another one for his friend.

1CE aprrovedCE Approved 
2working   area 1300X2500x400mm
3X,Y,Z Repositioning Accuracy±0.03mm
4Table SurfaceVacuum(six  vacumm zones)
5X, Y StructureRack and Pinion Drive, 
6TAIWAN   PMI Rail Linear Bearings  25   with Dust cover for Y axis
7Z StructureTAIWAN   PMI Rail Linear 30
8and TBI Ball Screw
9spindle speed0--20000RPM
10spindle poweritaly   HSD 9KW with Air cooled
11inverter 11KW Fuling   inverter 
12drive and motorsJapan Yaskawa servo   850A
13Z axis Clasp brake 

reduction driveYES
14Operation system Syntec Control System
15Vacuum pump 1pieces   7.5KW Vacuum pump water cooled
168 tools ISO30--ER32  
17working voltage 3phase AC380V
18Command languageG code

ATC1325 machine