Romania Customer Checked Digital Oscillating Knife Cutter

- Apr 02, 2018-

The father and son from Romania was very interested to find one machine who cut colorful Carton.our engineer adviced digital oscilating knife cutter with CCD..and than We delivered the customers to our parnter factory..

they are very happy when they saw the machine how works. at same day they made decision to buy one..our sales man joked asking them why so hurry to place order to us??they said that it has been very long time to find this machine from europe.but their price is very high and they don't supply good trainning service..

digital cnc plotter with osliation

Carton, Foam Cutting Machine CNC Digital Cutting Flatbed Plotter Ce Cutter Equipment

High requirement and constant emphasis on R&D leads to excellent and high accuracy. Our elaborate cutting machine reaches 0.1mm cutting tolerance.
2.Smooth & clean cutting edge
 Even applied to very complex lines, irregular lins and other challenging requirement, our cutting machine can fulfill it well and the similar performance can hardly be done by laser cutting machine, die cutter or manual workers.
Material -- It can cut nearly all of soft flexible materials and some hard materials. 
The Cutting thickness -- 0.1mm to 55mm, even larger, according to the material and your requirement. 
Function -- through cutting, kiss cutting, dot cutting, V- cutting,line folding, marking,etc
The cutting machine is able to cut complex patterns with high precision and repeating precision. 
1. Cutting
2. Routing
3. kiss cutting knife

4.Dust collection
5.Safe guard system
6.CCD:  Vision aided camera is used for accurate positioning of print materials.

 7.working size:2000mmx3000mm or 1600mmx2500mm or 1300mmx1300mm