Plasma Cutting Machine

- Feb 24, 2019-

The frame adopts an all-welded structure, and the internal vibration is eliminated by the effective vibration processor, thereby improving the stability of the frame and reducing the amount of denaturation. The X-axis adopts a high-precision linear circular guide, and the Y-axis adopts a high-precision linear guide, which has a small running resistance. X-axis and Y-axis installation of multi-function instrument detection and installation, X-axis two-track straightness error is guaranteed to be less than ±0.05mm, X-axis and Y-axis vertical error is not more than ±0.05mm, and its running car adopts lightweight structure It is convenient to ensure the processing quality of plasma cutting. The industrial computer operating system is operated in a stable DOS system with a good human-machine dialogue interface, and the Chinese and English languages can be arbitrarily converted. The X-axis and Y-axis can travel up to 8 m/min. The industrial control computer can interface with the ISO standard CNC language. It can display cutting graphics, simulate cutting, and has manual programming. Characteristics of the main control system of the plasma cutting machine The drive transmission system adopts the digital AC servo system of Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan. The motor adopts high magnetic rare earth material, and the magnetic conduction heat dissipation type is good. Its encoding has high resolution and is 4 times of the common type function, thus ensuring higher control precision. The cutting software introduces European special wind control chart software, which is large in quantity, easy to learn, flexible in operation and high in cutting precision.

plasma cutter