Chile customer ordered one set Gantry plasma cutting machine

- Mar 02, 2018-

Chile customer took a very long time airplane to visit our factory for its trial order metal Gangtry plasma cutter..

at first,He does not know anything about plasma cutting machine..Our engineer teach him how to manual artcam software and how to maintain machine well and how to manage controller software-- beijing start,and making sample as per customer requested. 

During the visit, we detailed the design, accessories and after-sales service of the machine for the customer, so that the customer can choose us with confidence.

in the end He is very satified with machine works and our service..He gave us deposite 4000usd cash in our factory immidiately for Metal cutting gantry plasma cutter with 7.5KW air compressor together

customer check gantry plasma cutter

motor and driving for plasma cutter

metal gantry plasma cutter 3000mmx6000mm

its parameter as below:

No.Model   4080Plama   cutting and flame cutting 
1effective   working area-X axis3000mm
2effective   working area--Y axis6000mm
3Flame   piercing thickness 20mm-80mm
4Plasma   piercing thickness1mm-45mm
3Cutting   Mode for T.H.C plasma
T.H.C plasma torch 
4Cutting   model for Flame Flame capacitance   adjustment 
5Driving   and motorJapanese   Panasonic servo
7Plasma power LGK 300A
8Height   controller(plasma)ONE
9CNC   Controller system one   set of SHANGHAI FANGLING F2300B
10Software one   set of FASTCAM 
11Power   SourceThree   phase AC380V
13Electrical   componentsSchneider
14Linear   guideThe   railway track
15Package   size(L*W*H)2000mm*4600mm*1700mm