What is cnc plasma cutter

- May 09, 2019-

Plasma arc cutting machines are machines that process metal materials by means of plasma cutting technology.

Plasma cutting is a processing method that utilizes the heat of a high temperature plasma arc to melt or partially melt (and evaporate) a metal portion of a workpiece cut and to remove molten metal by high-speed plasma momentum.

CNC plasma cutting machine refers to the workpiece instruction (or program) used to control the machine tool or equipment. It is a new control method given in digital form. When such an instruction is supplied to the control device of the numerical control automatic cutting machine, the cutting machine can automatically perform cutting according to a given program. 

CNC cutting consists of two parts: the numerical control system and the mechanical structure.

Compared with traditional manual and semi-automatic cutting, CNC cutting effectively controls and improves cutting quality and cutting efficiency through the cutting technology, cutting process and automatic control technology provided by the numerical control system. CNC cutting: It is an index-controlled flame, plasma, laser and water jet cutting machine. It performs full-time, automatic, high-efficiency, high-quality and high-utilization CNC cutting according to the optimized nesting cutting program provided by CNC cutting nesting software. CNC cutting represents the modern high-tech production method, and is the combination of advanced optimized nesting calculation technology and computer numerical control technology and cutting machinery.