how to choose suitable cnc plasma cutter

- May 07, 2019-

How to choose suitable CNC plasma cutting machine for enduser please check follows:

Being enduser must tell supplier that What material do you cut?What thickness of your metal?What's size of your material?

so that the factory of plasma cutter could help you to decide flame cuter or plasma cutter between flame oxgyen system and plasma system...It could help the enduser to save some cost.

For example:for 1-15mm carbon steel...We advice to use plasma source to cut..if bigger than 20mm,we can use flame or plasma..if your bugget is good than you better use plasma source.

We have a lot of different instructure for flame or plasma cutting machine according to different working size.

1.Table plasma oxgen gas cutting machine 

2.Gantry plasma cutter 

3.Portable plasma cutter 

4.table plasma cutter with pipe cutting system...This machine could cut plate and save some cost.

by the way,the quality of cutting good or not depends on thermal deformation.