how to maintain plasma cutter

- Jan 19, 2019-

1. Correctly assemble the torch

Install the torch correctly and carefully to ensure that all parts are well matched to ensure gas and cooling airflow. Installation Place all parts on a clean flannel to prevent dirt from sticking to the parts. Add appropriate lubricating oil to the O-ring, which is subject to the brightening of the O-ring.

2. Consumable parts should be replaced in time before they are completely damaged.

Do not replace the consumables with complete damage, as severely worn electrodes, nozzles, and swirl rings will create an uncontrolled plasma arc that can easily cause severe damage to the torch. Therefore, when the quality of the cut is found to be degraded for the first time, the consumables should be inspected in time.

3. Cleaning the connecting thread of the torch

When replacing consumables or routine maintenance inspections, be sure to clean the internal and external threads of the torch and, if necessary, clean or repair the connecting threads.

4. Cleaning the contact surface of the electrode and the nozzle

In many torches, the contact surface of the nozzle and the electrode is a charged contact surface. If there is dirt on these contact surfaces, the torch will not work properly and should be cleaned with a hydrogen peroxide cleaning agent.

how to maintainplasma cutter