how to choose plasma cutter

- Jan 15, 2019-

Application for cnc plasma cutter:

At present, plasma cutting equipment has been widely used in automobiles, locomotives, pressure vessels, aerospace, nuclear industry, shipbuilding, steel structure and other industries! Because of its wide cutting range (can cut stainless steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, ordinary carbon steel and other non-ferrous metals), plasma cutting machine can even completely replace the way of oxygen acetylene cutting in some specific areas.

What can I do with plasma cutting machine?       

 Plasma cutter is an ideal way to cut steel and non--ferrous metal with thickness less than 1 inch. Flame gas cutting requires operators to carefully control the cutting speed to maintain oxidation treatment. 

Plasma cutting is more flexible in this respect. The plasma cutting has excellent application in some aspects, such as cutting metal sheet, which is impossible to achieve when flame gas cutting can do. In addition, compared with mechanical cutting mode, plasma cutting speed is much faster and easier to carry out non-linea, cutting...cnc plasma cutting is much more better to cut Aluminum,cooper,stainless steel and other metal materials 

What difference from plasma cutter and flame gas cutting?

Plasma cutter can only cut Conductors metals-- low carbon steel, aluminium and stainless steel,for examples. the workers could feel higher speed and deeper cutting effect during cutting lower carbon steel.     

However,Flame gas cutting cuts metal by burning at high temperature or by oxidation. Therefore, its application is limited to ferrous metals such as steel, which can be treated by oxidation technology. 

oxygen cutter can not work with aluminium and stainless steel 

This makes it impossible for traditional flame gas cutting to process this kind of material. Plasma cutting, which is not resistant to oxidation treatment, can effectively cut aluminium, steel.

How to choose plasma cutter 

you need tell us What thickness of metal you need to cut depends on plasma generator.

Each machine has the optimum cutting thickness range-- to ensure that the setting is suitable for your requirements. Generally speaking, the selection of plasma cutting machine must be multiplied by 60% on the basis of the ultimate cutting thickness, which is the normal cutting thickness of this equipment (can guarantee the cutting effect). Of course, the thinner the cutting effect and speed will be faster, the thicker the cutting effect and speed will be reduced.

Different cnc plasma power supply cutting capacity:

1. Chinese Huayuan Power: 

63A cutting thickness: 0-8mm

100A cutting thickness: 0-15mm

160A cutting thickness: 0-20mm

200A cutting thickness: 0-30mm 

USA Hypertherm power

 65A cutting thickness: 0-12mm

85A cutting thickness: 0-16mm

105A cutting thickness: 0-18mm

125A cutting thickness: 0-20mm

200A cutting thickness: 0-30mm 

We have a lot of different instructure for flame or plasma cutting machine according to different working size.

1.Table plasma oxgen gas cutting machine 

2.Gantry plasma cutter 

3.Portable plasma cutter 

4.table plasma cutter with pipe cutting system...This machine could cut plate and save some cost.

by the way,the quality of cutting good or not depends on thermal deformation.