maintain cnc router in winter

- Oct 24, 2018-

how to maintain cnc router:

1.First of all,Check its working voltage is AC220V or AC380V. don't make mistakes to give wrong voltag to cnc router machine 

2.To check if the voltage could meet their requirement.

.We must make sure the working voltage in the workshop is between AC210V to AC230V OR AC360V to 410V..If not good voltage than the user must use a transformer or voltag regulator.

3. The cnc engraving machine must connet with ground line.

4. The engraving machine is a very precise numerical control equipment. It must not disassemble at will and adjust the electrical fittings without understanding, especially the frequency converter.

5. CNC router should be maintained for a long time by users..Like lubriate Guild rails on time and keep clean especailly to keep clean controller box.

6. Must keep spindle cooling for cnc router machine..So we must make sure the circulating water system smooth. of spindle'motor: if the motor of spindle running speed is not steady we must cut power supply immdediately