Machine body

- Feb 03, 2019-

The machine host is the main body of the CNC machine. It includes mechanical components such as bed, base, column, beam, slide, table, headstock, feed mechanism, tool holder and automatic tool changer. It is the mechanical part that automatically performs various cutting operations on CNC machine tools. Compared with traditional machine tools, the main body of CNC machine tools has the following structural features:

1) Adopt a new machine tool with high rigidity, high shock resistance and small thermal deformation. Generally, the stiffness and shock resistance of the machine tool main body are improved by improving the static stiffness of the structural system, increasing the damping, adjusting the quality of the structural member and the natural frequency, so that the machine tool body can adapt to the need for the CNC machine tool to continuously and automatically perform the cutting process. Measures such as improving machine structure layout, reducing heat generation, controlling temperature rise, and using thermal displacement compensation can reduce the impact of thermal deformation on the machine tool host.

2) The high-performance spindle servo drive and feed servo drive are widely used to shorten the drive chain of CNC machine tools and simplify the structure of machine tool drive system.

3) Adopt high transmission efficiency, high precision, gapless transmission and moving parts, such as ball screw nut pair, plastic sliding guide, linear rolling guide, static pressure guide and so on.

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