why different price from different manufacturers

- Jan 05, 2019-

                                  Why different price from different manufacters

Everyone knows very well that The price of CNC plasma cutting machine is high or low,. 

Now most people buy CNC cutting machine and they would send inquiry at first,they don't care about Configuration at all..now let us tell you what factors decided the price.

  1. the system of CNC cutting machine,

  2. guide rail of CNC cutting machine

  3. the beam of NC cutting machine is heavy or light

  4. heavy table or light table square pipe or steel plate splicing

  5. the motor and driving system effect price different....some plasma cutting machine with Stepper motor and driving but some machine has imported Servo motor and driving

  6. what's power for plasma generator, different piercing thickness requrest different plasma 

From above all,it will cause different price.

Lots of suppliers like price war they always quote at the cheap price to attract the possible buyers.it is not wise action...being professional manufacturers,,We should recommend the most proper machine to our customers according to their application exactly.