CNC machine tool milling cutter selection

- Mar 08, 2019-

CNC machine tools Hard table gold indexable face milling cutters are mainly used for milling planes. When roughing, the diameter of the milling cutter is smaller, because the cutting force is large during rough milling, and the cutting torque can be reduced by selecting a small diameter milling cutter. When milling CNC machine tools, the diameter of the milling cutter is larger, and it is better to accommodate the entire width of the surface to be machined to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the T. When the machining allowance of the machine tool is large and uneven, the tool diameter should be selected to be smaller. Otherwise, the quality of the workpiece will be affected by the deep mark of the hanging knife.

High-speed steel end mills are often used to machine bosses and grooves and are generally not used to machine blank surfaces - because the hardened layer and sand on the surface of the blank will accelerate tool wear.

When machining blank surfaces or roughing holes, carbide or carbide cutters with carbide inserts are available for powerful cutting.

End mill C is often used when machining the contour of a flat workpiece.

In order to increase the accuracy of the groove width and reduce the number of tool changes, a milling cutter with a diameter larger than the groove width of 7 can be used for machining, and the middle portion of the groove is first milled, and then both sides of the groove are milled by the tool radius compensation function.

Ball-end milling cutters, ring milling cutters, drum milling cutters, conical milling cutters, disc milling cutters, etc. are often used when machining solid curved surfaces or chamfered contour shapes.

When the machining allowance is small and the surface roughness is required to be high, a face milling cutter with a cubic boron nitride insert or a ceramic insert can be used to enable high-speed cutting of the machine.

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