China develops CNC machine tools

- Mar 03, 2019-

As the cornerstone of modern industry, the machine tool industry cannot circumvent a key problem in the process of industrial economic development. Due to the inherent deficiency, the Chinese machine tool industry has been in the mainstream of foreign high-end machine tool projects, and is in a catch-up situation. In the process.

Chinese CNC machine tools are still relatively backward. China's CNC machine tool market is huge. Compared with foreign products, China's gap is mainly in the high-speed, high-efficiency and precision of machine tools. China is in the middle of industrialization, that is, from the solution of shortage-oriented opening to the construction of economic power, from poverty alleviation. To the transformation of rich, coal, automobile, steel, real estate, building materials, machinery, electronics, chemicals and other high-growth industries based on heavy industry have a strong momentum of development, which constitutes a huge demand for the machine tool market, especially CNC machine tools.

The accelerated transformation of China's machine tool industry faces four major constraints. At present, China's CNC machine tool technology can only achieve five-axis linkage at most, and according to relevant sources, this five-axis is still a show component, almost all of the five-axis imports, and in the multi-point linkage technology and foreign technology standards There is a very big gap.

The international competition in the domestic market is intensifying: market competition will be further aggravated due to the shrinking of the low-end CNC machine tool market and overcapacity, coupled with the influx of foreign products. Since high-end products have long relied on imports, domestic products are facing more serious challenges of international competition.

The technology-leading strategy is shifting to a customer-centric strategy: the economic crisis will often lead to large-scale industrial upgrading and enterprise transformation, and the machine tool industry will realize manufacturing service. The core is to focus on customers and actively provide customers with the needs. Personalized service. As a result, the transition from simply selling products to providing total solutions, from technology-centric to customer-centric has become the trend today.

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