Benefits and features of flame plasma cutting machine

- Oct 30, 2020-

With the rapid economic development, the pace of the times has not slowed down. A variety of high-tech products are constantly being developed and manufactured and applied to people’s actual production and life. In people’s lives, metal objects are basically The above can be seen everywhere. Metal materials are widely used in various fields. The unique properties and texture of metal make it the main reason for its wide range of applications. Although metal materials are easy to use, they still have a small disadvantage. , It is not easy to cut, because the metal materials that are produced have specific specifications and shapes. If they are to be applied, they often need to be cut and reprocessed to obtain suitable materials.

It is not easy to cut metal when there is no flame plasma cutting machine. Since the flame plasma cutting machine, great progress and breakthroughs have been made in the reprocessing of metal materials. It can carry out various shapes of plane flame cutting and plasma cutting of metal plate materials, which is very convenient and practical. Can greatly improve the actual efficiency of work. Its accuracy and accuracy in cutting are very high, and there is basically no error when cutting. Its quality is impeccable and it also has the characteristics of strong dynamic stability.

Flame cutting machine is the most economical way to process low carbon steel and low alloy steel, and it is also suitable for welding groove processing. It is one of the most important processing methods in the metal industry.

The flame cutting process uses the hot flame of the combustion process of oxygen and gas to heat the metal sheet to the ignition point, and then uses 99.5% high-purity oxygen to blow it onto the cutting point to oxidize and burn the metal. As the cutting torch moves, a slender slit is formed, and the cutting oxygen blows away the slag near the slit. The cutting quality depends on the metal surface condition and cutting speed.

All low-alloy steels, including those with a thickness of tens of centimeters, can be cut in this way. Although other cutting processes such as plasma cutting and laser cutting are becoming more and more popular, flame cutting is still a very economical cutting process. For cutting thickness up to 35 inches (900mm), flame cutting is irreplaceable.

Numerical control flame cutting can guarantee reliable perforation, high cutting speed and one-time cutting forming without additional processing. V, Y and K-shaped welding grooves can also be cut.