Application of Induction Synchronizer for CNC Machine Tools

- Feb 11, 2019-

Inductive synchronizers are made using the principle that the mutual inductance of two planar windings varies with position. Its function is to convert the angular or linear displacement into the phase or amplitude of the induced electromotive force, which can be used to measure the linear or angular displacement. According to its structure, it can be divided into two types: linear and rotary. The linear induction synchronizer consists of a fixed length and a sliding ruler. The fixed length is mounted on the machine bed, the slide is mounted on the moving part and moves with the worktable; the rotary induction synchronizer stator is a fixed disc, and the rotor For rotating discs. The inductive synchronizer has the advantages of high precision and resolution, strong anti-interference ability, long service life, simple maintenance, long-distance displacement measurement, good processability and low cost. Rotary inductive synchronizers are widely used in turntables for machine tools and instruments, as well as in various rotary servo control systems.

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