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This kind of ATC CNC Router Machine is widely applied in advertising, printing, construction and other industries.
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This kind of ATC CNC Router Machine is made of  high quality stainless steel alloy. The machine tool is subjected to high temperature quenching, which provides a more stable processing platform for the machine. The fuselage has high bearing capacity with no deformation. It adopts imported grinding double nut screw and high-precision square linear guide to effectively improve the engraving precision. 

Compared with traditional labor, the ATC CNC Router Machine only needs to set up the program to work automatically, which simplifies the technical requirements of the operators. It minimizes errors and makes the engraved product more accurate. In addition, it has the properties of high precision, low failure rate, compact structure, exquisite appearance as well as durability. It is widely applied in advertising, printing, construction and other industries. 


1. X Y Z axis use dust-proof structure to ensure the machine have a longer life.

2. Constant power spindle motor, strong and accurate cutting, high efficiency.

3. Controller system: DSP manual,Mach3 or Nc-studio

4. We will water tank, add rotary axis is also for choice.

5. Oil spray system for your option.


Carousel Tool Changer CNC Router Machine 1325

Technical Parameters:
X, Y Working size 1300*2500mm1500*3000mm2000*3000mm
Z feed Height300mm
Table SurfaceVacuum working table with 5.5kw/7.5kw vacuum pump
X, Y StructureRack and Pinion Drive, Hiwin 25 Linear Square Guide Rail
Z StructureHiwin 25 Linear Square Guide Rail and Ball Screw
Spindle Power9.0kw HQD spindle
Linear tools magazine8 PCS
Max. Rapid Travel Rate33000mm/min
Max. Working Speed25000mm/min
Tool sensorWith
Dust collector3kw
Spindle Speed0-24000RPM
Drive MotorsServo motor and driver
Working Voltage:AC 380V
Command CodeG code
Control SystemSyntec 6MA
Tool Magazine8-12 PCS
X,Y,Z repositioning Accuracy±0.01mm
X,Y Resolution <0.01mm
Lubrication systemAutomatically
Sensor for positioning the cutterYes
Running Temperature0 degree - 45 degree
Relative Humidity30% - 75%
WarrantyTwo year


NO.NameFeatures and useQuantity
1Frame of machine bedLarge steel tube welding1 set
2GantryHeavy duty1 set
3Spindle9kw HSD air cooling spindle1 pc
4Inverter11kw Fuling1 pc
5MotorPanasonic servo motor4 sets
6DriverPanasonic servo driver4 sets
7Syntec control card6MA1 set
8Hand wheelOperate for simple work1 pc
9Control cabinetComputer cabinet and electrical component installation1 pc
10RotaryDiameter is 200mm, for cylinder materials engraving1 pc
11Guide railsHiwin 25 square guide rails1 set
12Rack gearHelical rack and gear1 set
13Working tableVacuum table with T-slot1 set
14Vacuum pumpSuction the air between the material and the table to be a vacuum to fix the material.1 pc
15Positioning pneumatic cylinderTo fix the plate faster and more accurately, improving work efficiency1 pc
16Auto oil lubrication systemLubrication the rails and rack gear1 pc
17Dust collector3kw double bags1 pc
18Tool sensorAdjust the distance from the tool to the materials1 pc
19Tool MagazinePlace of put the cutter with 8 position1 set
20ColletsHold the bit on the spindle8 pcs
21Materials holderFixing material when engraving8 set
22CD for Artcam softwareDrawing engraving files1 set
23CutterUsed for engraving and cutting2 box
24Connecting cablesData Cable, Power Cable, etc.1 set
25WrenchUsed for change the cutter or routine maintenance2 pcs
26L-type screwdriverUsed for L-type screwdriver1 set
27Tool boxLoading tools and some gadgets1 pc



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