Cnc Plasma Pipe And Metal Sheet Cutting Machine

tube pipe profile cnc plasma cutting machine and metal sheet flame cutter
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Product Details

big pipe or square tube plasma cutter cnc with oxygen attachment 

Product Description

Whatever do you need ?Whoever you are?just tell us What is your need?Tell us What thickness of your metal?

what size of your metal sheet or pipe diamater or square pipe profile than we will help you to make option 

We are very special cnc industry plasma cutter.

1.Fast delivery and with very special technical service because we have 15 years experience.

2.Gantry plasma cutting machine has very big working area 3000mmx6000mm or 3000mmx12000mm..

ALLWIN CNC is a professional hypertherm metal pipe/tube plasma cutter manufacturer, we have different plasma cutting table for option, such as 4x4 plasma table, 4x8 plasma table, 5x10 plasma table or other customized sizes

3.Square pipe and round pipe is aviable..and clean cuts

4.Automatic height control and cnc control panel and E-stops button with panasonic servo 750W

5.. The CNC plasma cutting table is used to cut iron sheet, aluminium sheet, galvanized sheet, hundred steel plates, sheet metals and so on.

7. High cutting speed, high precision, low cost.

8. The numerical control system disposes high, the automatic striking arc, the performance is stable.9. The plasma cutting machine supports Wentai, Astronautics Haire, ARTCAM softwares.

9. The control system uses the U-disk exchange processing document, easy to operate. Original source 

No.Model   2040CNC   plasma+flame cutter 
1X   axis working area2000mm
2Y   Axis working area4000mm
3Cutting   Mode
Plasma +flame 
4Rotary   axisRound pipe Diameter=300mm   Length=3000mm
4Driving   motorLeadshine   Stepper motor and drivers
cutting   torchone set of Plasma torch   with water-cooled 
one   set of oxygen torch
6Controller   system one   set of FANGLING 
7Software one   set of Austraila  FASTCAM 
8Plasma   power huayuan LGK160A with 100%   rated duty cycle
requested   Compressed air 0.5-0.6Mpa
secondary   arc striking with high voltage non-contact 
9Torch   height controller Automatic THC for   plasma 
Mechanical   controlled THC for Flame
10input   power 1   phase AC 220V for CNC machine
3 phrase AC 380V for plasma power
11display   screenLCD   color screen with 10.4inch size
12water   tank20L   capacity
13tramsmission   methodUSB 
14programe   softwareAutoCAD
15quality cutting thickness   for plasma 25mm
16manual  cutting thickness for plasma 35mm
17flame cutting   thickness 20mm-100mm
18flame cutting speed0-3500mm/min
19Linear   guiderails   24kgs
20Electrical   componentsCHINT
21Package   size(L*W*H)4600MMX1800MMX1700MM
22Machine   color blue(color could be   changed by customers)
23Attachment   parts with Rotary Axis 
With   Flame cutting system
without   Drilling heads
 without Air compressing machine

 metal tube and sheet cutter

B. Parameters 



Working size


Control system

STARFIRE/START control system 2300C (10inch   screen) 

Motor and driver

Stepper motors and drivers 


X, Y axis: High precision Rack Gears; Z axis:   imported Ball Screw

X,Y axis rail

Taiwan Linear guide

Cutting thickness

Carbon steel 12mm/ Stainless steel 6mm


Square tube Integral structure

Work table

Blade work table

Manual lubrication system

Help lubricate the rail way, maintaining machine.

 limit switch for Z axis

Help each axis go back to working home position.

Soft limit switch

Help protect machine axis.

Plasma generator

Huayuan 100A or requested by customer

Working Voltage


Traveling speed


Straight line positioning precision


Straight line repeat precision


Control box

Separate control box with one door


Professional Fastcam software

File transfer

USB interface


Untouched arc striking


<90% No concreting 

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