Bridge Plasma Flame Cutter

Bridge Plasma Flame Cutter

1.Famous Jiaoda CNC control system. Which support English ,Fench,Russia,Portaugese and Spanish language display, USB transmission 2.set flame cutting torch and plasma cutting torch (please note the plasma cutting torch together with the plasma power), can according to the customer request configuration plasma or flame cutting torch. 3.Stepping motor bilateral driver. 4.Automatic arc voltage height controller 5.With auto starting fire device. 5. Equip with French TYPE3 software or integnps software startcam,autoCAD and ArtCAM software , flame cutting nozzel, transmission U disk, machine education CD.
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Product Details

according the customer's require to produce the machine ,which can at most to suit for the size of the workshop

1.The gantry type plasma/flame cutting machine

CNC gantry type plasma/flame cutting machine is designed with the company

many years' cumulative experience. It is the latest machine launched by the company.

The machine boasts of beautiful appearance, small inertia, solidity and smooth


2 It span between 3 to 8 meters. Its digital control system could be

quipped according to the requirements of its customers.

3 This series of plasma incision machine adopt various anti-disturbed and safety precautions based on the features of plasma incision machines. Therefore, they enjoy a high performance Vs price ratio. They have been widely used in various industries.

Applicable materials

Iron plate, aluminum plate, titanium, stainless steel plate, galvanized sheet, white steel plate, metal materials.

Technical Parameter for Heavy duty oxygen gas cnc plasma cutting machine   

Cross Beam Length (X axis)

3m (can be lengthened according to user's demand)

Longitudinal Rail Length(Y axis)

3m (Rail can be lengthened according to user's demand)

Effective Cutting Width (X axis)


Effective Cutting Length (Y axis)


Cutting Mode

Flame only; Plasma only; Flame and Plasma

Drive Mode


Drive Method

Rack and pinion drive for X and Y axes

Flame Cutting Thickness


Plasma Cutting Thickness

1-60mm (according to the specification of plasma power source)

Cutting Speed

0-3500mm per minute

Moving Precision

0.01mm per step

Power Source(option)

220V 50Hz   500-1000W

Nesting Software (option)


Cutting Gas

Acetylene, Propane

Plasma Gas

Pressed air, Oxygen, N2

Marking Tool

Torch Height Controller (AUTO)


Capacitive height control for flame cutting


Arc voltage height control for plasma cutting


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